Matt has revolutionized my expectations on what a personal trainer is all about. His unique blend of knowledge of the human body, inside and out, brings what I believe is a winning approach to not only physical fitness and training but complete lifestyle training that will improve the rest of my life. When I finally became serious about improving my health and fitness, I wasn't sure where to begin. I knew I was interested in finding more than just a paid appointment to motivate me to show up and work out. I wanted to make lasting changes across the board in my overall health and fitness. If you’re wanting to hit the restart button on your overall health and fitness, I don’t think you can find any better!

I never fully realised my potential until I started training with Matt. He designed sessions to develop my stamina and strength to reduce the chance of injury. These early sessions were also an opportunity for Matt to introduce proper training techniques. With time and only when we both were confident in my abilities, workouts became varied and the challenges increased. He introduced plyometrics to increase my speed and agility. I appreciate the way he does research to find the most developed techniques for sports training or the workshops he attends with world class trainers to educate himself. Because of Matt, I've come out fitter, faster and stronger with newly minted confidence and an overwhelming ability to hurdle over any challenge!

After working out on my own for 20 years, I booked 10 sessions with Matt to build core strength and improve balance for snowboarding season. Since I thought I was in good shape I was a little skeptical about hiring a personal trainer, but the mountain was telling me otherwise. Matt designed a core and conditioning program to meet the specific demands of the sport. Now instead of just looking healthy, I feel healthy. It’s coming up on three years now, and I plan to work out with Matt for as long as I am able. I can’t recommend him highly enough—trainer, nutritionist, and friend!