Performance Coaching

want to improve and up your game?

Love sport but want to define your skills and take them to the next level?

achieve peak levels of fitness and performance for your sport
and be on the winning side!

workout hard, play harder!


  • Improve your overall tennis conditioning
  • Develop better agility & lateral speed
  • Increase your range of multi-directional movement
  • Increase your power & rotational speed
  • Hit quicker & harder


  • Increase your drive distance
  • Decrease your potential for injuries
  • Improve your stamina, strength, balance & stability


  • Improve your speed, quickness & lateral agility
  • Increase your strength & power
  • Better deliver & absorb contact
  • Improve your stamina & strength endurance to outlast your competition

Board Sports

  • Improve your overall board sport conditioning
  • Improve your balance & stability
  • Develop a stronger core
  • Increase your muscular & overall cardiovascular endurance
  • Reduce potential injury with improved strength & increased flexibility
  • Improve muscular balance & recruitment

Matt Tripp is experienced in Sports Enhancement and Performance Training through the Athlete's Performance Professional Mentorship series. He delivers elite athlete training that is tried, tested and proven. Developed in the late 90s, this systematic approach has produced the best of the best in sport!