1. Does move-sf have an open gym membership? How much does a monthly membership cost?
    Unfortunately, move-sf does not have an open gym membership, so there is no monthly membership option/fee. move-sf is a private, boutique facility offering personal training, small group classes, seminars/workshops, and an in house Physical Therapist: action sports medicine.
  2. Where do I park for move-sf?
    2 hour metered and 2 hour non-metered street parking is available around move-sf. It can be difficult at times, so please plan accordingly. We encourage people to walk, cycle (parking inside the gym), take public transportation (move-sf is on the 1 California and 24 Divisadero Muni routes), or take a car service to the facility.
  3. Are there any parking lots nearby?
    There are paid lots located 4 blocks away at Sutter and Divisadero, California between Fillmore and Steiner, and at the JCC on California and Presidio. There is also a lot at Geary and Divisadero. Parking rates vary.
  4. How much does personal training cost?
    All of the trainers at move-sf are independent, and set their own rates. Prices for packages of 5 sessions or more range from $90 per session to $150 per session depending on the trainer. Email info@move-sf.com for more information.
  5. Does move-sf have showers?
    Yes, move-sf has two showers.
  6. What is the Group Class cancellation policy?
    move-sf has a 12 hour cancellation policy for group class reservations.